Buying From A Factory Direct Distributor

March 21 2016

If you run your own small business, or are in charge of shoplifting prevention in a retail setting, how to minimize product loss is always on your mind. Loss of merchandise from shoplifting and worker theft added up to 32 billion dollars last year.

EAS Direct is glad to help you with your loss prevention needs, as we are a factory direct Ketec distributor. If you work in loss prevention you know Ketec, one of the most recognized brands in shoplifting prevention systems and electronic article surveillance. We can proudly recommend Ketec solutions to all our customers without reservation. Ketec has been creating top of the line and user friendly shoplifting prevention systems since 1988, and have affordable, user friendly products to prevent shoplifting. Their state of the art and rugged systems are the industry standard for electronic article surveillance systems, and offer easy, self-installable antennas that require next to no calibration, and which also minimize false alarms for articles close to antennas. Their newest antenna designs are extremely user friendly, and blend into the surroundings of high end retail spaces, limiting consumer intimidation, but still performing top of the line shoplifting prevention.

As a factory direct distributor, we carry many of the Ketec product lines. These include various sizes and styles of hard tags in both 4.6 and 8.2 MHz frequencies and for all kinds of fabrics, lanyards for products that are not taggable, and of course multiple versions of their EAS antennas for single door or multiple door applications. Whether you're looking for the traditional multi-tag dual antenna systems like the Classic, Challenger, or Elite series from Ketec, or looking for something all together new, like the Clear Phazor 8.2 MHz single antenna systems, EAS Direct can help you hold on to your merchandise! And of course, don't forget your deactivators and detachers for when tags and lanyards need to be removed after a legitimate purchase. These detachers fit on even the most hectic check-out counters, and are easy to operate without damaging delicate fabrics or leathers.

Being a factory direct Ketec distributor means that EAS Direct can bring you Ketec products directly from Ketec, without any middleman price increases. We can help you determine exactly what products are right for you and your retail environment. Ketec solutions are flexible, and are great options no matter your needs. Another advantage to working with a factory direct Ketec supplier is that you can be sure that you're getting all equipment direct from the manufacturer, with technical support available if necessary. Ketec works hard to develop a strong partnership with its authorized network, which includes technical training and support, which we can pass on to you, and ensure the smooth installation and running of your new Ketec system. EAS Direct will work with you to guarantee customer satisfaction, and make sure that the Ketec products that you select are just right for your individual retail situation. Don't let shoplifters dip into your profits! Protect your merchandise and livelihood with Ketec products from EAS-Direct, a factory direct Ketec distributor.