EAS Protects Your Profits
Electronic Article Surveillance —
"35 percent of annual inventory
shrinkage losses...
are a direct result of shoplifting...
over 9 billion dollars of
unrecoverable losses."

Electronic Article Surveillance - (EAS) equipment is designed to help retailers minimize their shoplifting losses by using a concept called Active Deterrence.

EAS systems are designed to immediately notify store personnel during a shoplifting attempt.

EAS-DIRECT Unlike other types of anti-shoplifting devices, EAS provides retailers with both a visual and audible alarm when a shoplifting incident occurs. Closed circuit TV, mirrors and even watchful employees are all passive deterrents - they do not prevent theft unless someone is visually caught in the act of stealing.

Articles are protected with special tags which are attached to the merchandise. The tag is removed or deactivated by the cashier when the product is purchased. If the tag is not removed or deactivated, the system at the exit will alarm.