Why Use Electronic Article Surveillance?

March 7 2016

Everyone who runs a retail business understands the need to protect their margins by keeping stock loss to a minimum. However inventories are most vulnerable to theft at the place of sale. A good retail business wants to create a welcoming environment that makes customers feel appreciated, not under scrutiny. But that's not always conducive to protecting your stock and deterring shoplifters.

Every security measure comes with some tradeoffs. Some are labor intensive and involve high ongoing costs. Others require large capital investments. A strong security presence can throw off the welcoming ambience of a store.

EAS, Electronic Article Surveillance is among the best options for any retail business looking to reduce the cost of theft to their business. Compared to other systems such as monitored security cameras or security guards at the door it is relatively time efficient for your staff and won't drive up labor costs.

It helps to catch criminals in the act as they leave your store as well as providing a visible active deterrent to would be thieves. Unlike CCTV or vigiliant security staff an EAS system does not need to catch a would be shoplifter in the act of stealing to help prevent theft. By visibly making any theft more risky EAS reduces theft simply by being in place. EAS is a particularly effective deterrent against casual shoplifters (responsible for most shoplifting in the United States.) Even experienced shoplifters are increasingly likely to avoid articles under electronic surveillance. The growing use of hidden tags and the increasing tendency of manufacturers to put tags inside their products has made even professional thieves unsure of themselves.

Professional or "Informed shoplifters " are known to have a few tricks with which they to circumvent or suppress the workings on an EAS system. For example trying to remove tags in store, putting items into a radio wave proof foil bag. But studies show they still prefer to avoid stores with EAS sensors. The preparations and equipment needed to beat a high quality system can all be used in evidence against a shoplifter if caught. There is no 100% fool proof way to secure a store but EAS offers the most economical form of risk management that a retail business can invest in.

Unlike traditional methods of surveillance EAS security systems are in no way threatening or disruptive to the atmosphere in the store. Sensors are available in many different styles to suit the decor and needs of your store. Sensors at the entrance are quite unobtrusive to customers.

The investment in an EAS system will rapidly repay itself due to better stock retention. The largest outlay is the purchase and installation of the sensors. Other supplies include tags and labels and tools to deactivate and detach tags on duly purchased items. Training can be accomplished in a few days. Some of the best EAS equipment in the world is manufactured by Ketec. EAS direct is a distributor of Ketec EAS systems and can help you secure your store.